The Love Groove Festival is more than just an event; it is a vital pillar of the Baltimore community, fostering economic growth, cultural enrichment, and social unity. By hiring local artists, stage designers, graphic designers, animators, and event photographers, and by including over 50 new vendors each year, the festival provides invaluable opportunities and exposure for emerging talents, invigorating the local economy. We actively promote every artist and vendor on all our social media platforms, ensuring they receive the recognition they deserve. Through our partnerships with organizations like the Black Arts District, Bike Party, and the Baltimore Orioles, we bring together diverse communities, breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration. The festival is redefining what Black art is, showcasing its richness and diversity, and changing the reputation of Baltimore by highlighting its vibrant, creative spirit and its commitment to unity and innovation.

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Love Groove Festival is a Baltimore's launching pad for young artists to be inspired and to create.

John Tyler

Founder and Artist

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