Baltimore is filled with passionate, young talented musical and visual artists who need a place to shine! That’s where Love Groove Festival comes in!  Rather than emerging artists learning the ropes on their own, Love Groove offers performance, educational workshops, and networking opportunities which allow artists to improve on their craft and do what they LOVE to do. 

Founder/Artist & Producer, John Tyler started Love Groove in 2017 while in high school (Baltimore Design School) during a time when there were few opportunities for young Baltimore artists to showcase their original works. He also noticed young artists typically stayed within their own music circles leaving little opportunities for growth and networking. Plus, very few Baltimore artists were nationally known in a city where young talent is abundant. Something had to change!

Now embarking on its 6th Festival, Love Groove continues its mission to empower young artists. The Festival has evolved and expanded from strictly a music festival to also showcasing Baltimore’s visual artists and film producers.  Both 2020 and 2021 were pivotal years despite the pandemic and the impact to the arts community.  Thanks to the support of sponsors and the community, Love Groove featured its first Virtual Music Concert and also launched an All Women’s Showcase highlighting talented women artists in Baltimore.  Also, in 2021, Love Groove formed a partnership with Baltimore Center Stage which now serves as home base for the Festival.  Artists are featured at a state-of-the-art performance, art gallery, and staging venue.  To date, Love Groove has highlighted over 200 young Baltimore artists. 


The Love Groove Team appreciates the enthusiasm received by the arts community and sponsors.  Love Groove Festival aspires to be the #1 support system for Baltimore artists.

Love Groove Festival is a Baltimore's launching pad for young artists to be inspired and to create.

John Tyler

Founder and Artist

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