Programs that we offer to the community

Love Groove Academy

Love Groove Academy is a transformative program tailored to empower local artists, especially those affected by the pandemic, located in the vibrant cultural hub of Baltimore. Our mission is to not only showcase artists selected for the Love Groove Festival, but to provide a comprehensive platform for artists to build their businesses, strengthen their brands, expand their networks, and fortify their infrastructures, fostering resilience and growth. Whether you’re a musician, painter, filmmaker, or graphic designer, Love Groove Academy equips you with essential skills to thrive in the creative industry while nurturing your artistic expression.

Sunday Service

A Music Production workshop offering recording artists effected by the pandemic or other financial difficulties to have free music production of any genre of music catered to their songwriting. All producers are compensated fully upfront and the program also provides free headshots for all the recording artists. In partnership with R. House, Love Groove Ent. plans to have Sunday Service programming on the last Sunday of every month starting on Sunday, February 25, 2024.
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